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Growing fruits and vegetables using green and eco-friendly practices is rapidly gaining attention as local-scale farming gains popularity in the last decade. With new crop management techniques and improvement in Pest Management, it is possible to increase the quality of the product while protecting the crop using natural methods.

We plan to revolutionize horticulture production with the use of modern horticulture techniques, clean and ethical farming practices and innovation to produce High-Quality Fruits and Vegetables.

We are a leading producer of fresh form products, delivering nutritious and Zero Pesticide vegetables, fruits, livestock etc. Fresh thinking allows us to harness the power of new, efficient growing technologies allowing retailers, supermarkets, food service companies and homes to get access to safe and fresh produce.

Combining traditional farming values, contemporary technology and an undying spirit, we are creating a new wave of growing fresh produce in India. Applying the best global horticultural practices, we’ve eliminated harmful toxins & pesticides, ensuring fresh, clean & nutritious produce to your family.

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19 500

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2 720

Units of Cattle


10 000

Hectares of farm



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The Openfield Timeline

1800 A.D

Started Up




Group Cereals and Lingrain Merge


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